Egypt 40 is a Lenten program designed for married couples to grow closer together as they deepen their relationship with Jesus through the Holy Family.

Join the Journey

Take the flight into Egypt as a married couple; walk with the Holy Family, and become a holier family.

Step 1: Buy the Book

The Egypt40 book, filled with daily readings and reflections, is the essential companion for your journey.

Step 2: Connect to Egypt40 (Optional)

Hear about upcoming programs, such as Easter50, and tell us about your journey.

Step 3: Find your Caravan

The Egypt40 journey is best completed with others who will hold you accountable to your commitments and provide a sense of community during Lent. However, you can always choose to complete a more intimate journey with your spouse and the Holy Family.


“This has been a new experience for us during Lent. We have never done anything like it. It has been very enjoyable and fruitful overall, in addition to being a great opportunity to connect and get closer with other couples in our lives!”

“The person who wrote the reflections did a wonderful job. The insights are so full incorporating all readings of the day… It has brought forth additional fruit to help us open up for the questions more.”

“Good program!”