About Us

The Genesis of Egypt 40

In January 2021, a priest and 2 married couples gathered around a dinner table to laugh and chat about married life. The men had been invited to join an Exodus 90 group, and although both husbands had participated in Exodus before, this year was different–they were married! The group hadn’t heard of any Lenten programs for married couples, and after some theoretical banter, they pulled out a notepad. 

They decided to develop a Lenten program for married couples, a program that would enable couples to dive deeper in relationship with their spouse and the Holy Family. 

Thus, Egypt 40 was born.

Meet the Team

Fr. Anthony Sortino, LC
Hilary and Jonathan Falco
Claire and Nick Rogers

We made some infographics with the survey data we collected of people’s fasting, giving, and prayer commitments. Also, check out the map showing where all the 2021 participants of Egypt40 & Easter50 were from.