What is Egypt40?

Egypt 40 is a Lenten program designed for married couples to grow closer together as they deepen their relationship with Jesus through the Holy Family.

What is Easter50?

Easter50 is a continuation of Egypt40 and our sister program. Different than Egypt40’s pillars of Prayer, Fasting & Giving, Easter50 is focused on Prayer and Celebration.

Why should I participate?

Everyone wants to get the most out of Lent, even if it’s a tough time and you have little time. We all need a “desert journey” to lead us to the Lord’s Promised Land. Prayer, fasting, and giving are tools which God uses to draw us closer to Him, and we can draw strength from other like-minded couples on the journey.

How does it work?

Egypt40 is a 40 day Lenten journey for families (and couples).

With a caravan of other like minded families, you and your family will take on Lenten commitments of prayer, fasting, and giving.

Each day you will have the opportunity to open yourself to God’s Word in the Gospel and provided reflections will aid you in discerning how God is speaking to you. You can purchase the Egypt40 book here.

Couples will check in briefly with one another daily, and, if helpful, regularly with the group of husbands or wives.

How do I form a caravan?

To form a caravan, we encourage you to reach out to family and friends who may be interested in participating in Egypt40. If you’re stuck on where to start, see if it would be possible to have Egypt40 announced at your parish.

Upon signup, your other caravan members will receive additional information about participating in Egypt40. We encourage you to meet weekly or biweekly for regular check-ins.

How do caravans work?

Caravans meet weekly to hold each other accountable, provide community on the journey, and go through additional caravan questions (available in the book).

What’s the Caravan Compass Weekly Leader Guide?

The Egypt40 Caravan Compass is a weekly Scripture study guide for the leaders of the caravans. It provides content for the leader couple to guide a study on the scriptures for that Sunday. It’s optional to use the Weekly Leader Guide.

I’m single. Can I still participate in this program?

Egypt40 is primarily geared toward couples, however the reflections can resonate with individuals from any stage of live! For programs specifically geared toward single individuals, check out Exodus 90 & Nineveh 90.

I am not married yet, however I am engaged and preparing for the vocation of marriage. Can I still participate?

Yes, of course! Since Egypt40 is oriented towards marriage, it is a great way to grow with your betrothed.

Are we required to do this program with a group of people? Or can my spouse and I do it alone?

Yes, you are not required to make a journey with a caravan, however we highly recommend it! Similar to programs such as Exodus 90, Egypt40 is best completed with a group of people that can hold you accountable to your commitments and with whom you can find community in.

Alternatively, you can absolutely choose a more intimate journey with the Holy Family & your spouse.

Can children participate in this program?

Yes! Egypt40 was formed with the family in mind. The Egypt40 book contains daily reflection questions for children so they can be part of the journey.

Do I need to subscribe to the emails? What do the emails contain?

Subscribing to our emails is not necessary, however we would love your feedback to keep improving the Egypt40 program.

My spouse does not want to participate. How do I encourage my spouse to do this program with me?

We recommend that you begin with prayer! Daily commitments are fruitful, but can be challenging. Check out the testimonies of past participants and the fruits they received from the program.